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About the Pokemon GO Fest

To commemorate the first anniversary of PokeMon GO, a very popular augmented-reality smartphone app game inspired from the PokeMon video game franchise, the first-ever real-life Pokemon GO Fest took place at Chicago's Grant Park. In this anniversary event, Trainers of all teams took part in numerous challenges to unlock global rewards.

In this said event, a legendary PokeMon made its debut appearance in the PokeMon Go Fest and it's Lugia from the Gold and Silver games (namely The Johto Journeys). The legendary Psychic-and-Flying type PokeMon is set to appear at Raid Battles globally starting on the 23rd of July (24th of July Tokyo Time). Apart from Lugia, there's another Legendary Pokemon making an appearance as well on Raid Battles and that is the Ice-and-Flying type Articuno.

Reason why Articuno because there is a competition between the three Pokemon GO teams such as Team Mystic (representing Articuno), Team Instinct (representing Zapdos), and Team Valor (representing Moltres). It's a challenge of which team captures the most PokeMon gets the Legendary Pokemon they've represented appear alongside Lugia and Team Mystic is the winner, meaning Articuno will be appearing alongside Lugia in Raid Battles.

Players who successfully defeat the Legendary Pokemon in Raid Battle gets the chance to capture it but it can't be used to defend their gym.

So, with Legendary Pokemon finally arrived, are you ready for a new kind of PokeMon GO challenge? What Legendary Pokemons do you want to see next? Do you want more PokeMon to appear on future updates?


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Luc Besson, the man who brought you films like Leon, The Fifth Element, and Lucy, has done it again and this time he introduces moviegoers a brand new sci-fi fantasy adventure that will take us beyond the limitless possibilities of outer space and our imagination.


This sci-fi fantasy film is called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and it's based on a popular comic book series which inspired numerous creative minds. Dane DeHaan plays the titular role of Valerian and Cara Delevingne plays as his partner Laureline. Set in the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline embarked on a mission to an ever-expanding city called Alpha, where a benevolent force threatens the peaceful existence of the City of a Thousand Planets and together, they are on a race against time to stop this threat and save the universe.

Visuals has been part of every sci-fi fantasy movie ever made and the true beauty of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is the colorful and vivid visuals that adds life and depth of field into the cinematic masterpiece. Think Avatar, Interstellar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, and any other science fiction movie you know and familiar with because this film feels like mashing up the best science fiction films ever made out of curiosity from many sci-fi geeks and the result is a vast-changing film that releases a prismatic spectrum that will satisfy every moviegoer witnessed.

Despite the colorful visuals that sets Valerian apart, the storyline should have known better and while we are impressed with how it looks, how the film unfolds is a bit of a decency and it can knock some of the moviegoers into boredom until the exciting parts kicked in. And there's another problem with this film and there's a case of product placement.

Remember Minority Report a decade and a half ago? Toyota's luxury division Lexus made a car specifically for this future-set film and in Valerian, Lexus had another go in the sci-fi fantasy landscape with their so-called SkyJet and even though it only exists in the film, this is how Lexus represents its enhanced L-Finesse design in so many ways. It maybe just one of the key aspects on showcasing what Lexus can do when they design almost everything the way they did to their cars in the real world but as a product placement, it kinda rather spoils it like posers loitering around shopping malls all day and all night.

Even though the storyline is what you call a decency, the sheer magnitude of the visuals is what made Valerian one of the best films to watch in the summer blockbuster season and if you're looking for some out-of-this-world adventure that will excite your imagination, look no further.

My rating: 3.7 out of 5.

Martial Law in Mindanao extended until year's end

In a bold act, both the Senate and the Congress met jointly on Saturday and voted to extend the implementation of Martial Law in Mindanao until the end of 2017.

Despite opposition, the two chambers passed a resolution extending for five months President Rodrigo Duterte's Proclamation No. 216, which imposed a 6-day martial rule in Mindanao on the 23rd of May in the wake of the Marawi Siege against the ISIS-backed Maute group. About 261 have voted to the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao while 18 have voted against it.

Under the 1987 Constitution, the duration of the Martial Law, if declared in an event of a rebellion, will last for around 60 days but it is up to the Congress for the extension of the said rule.

The Malacañang praised the vote and said Congress' extension of martial law is their only chance to combat terrorism in the said region.

Since September 21, 1972, the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos declared the whole Philippines under Martial Law due to clashes against the communist forces. It lasted for almost a decade and right after Marcos was ousted from power.

SEAT Ibiza (Typ KJ)

In the world currently flooding with crossovers, there are some city cars that exist for the sole purpose of satisfying today's millennials with its nimble handling, fuel efficiency, small sizing, and tech-savvy features fit enough to accommodate the urban landscape. Such example is the all-new, fifth-generation SEAT Ibiza, and it's time to investigate the latest regeneration of SEAT's compact hatchback that has been in the fray with the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Vitz, Kia Morning, or even the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa.

2018 Seat Ibiza

Even though Seat insists that this is the fifth-generation model, the all-new Ibiza looks pretty much the same as the previous model it replaces but despite its stale looks, what's underneath is all new and that's how it matters for the all-new Ibiza because like every car in the Volkswagen Group family, the new Ibiza utilizes on the MQB platform, resulting to a dramatic change in dimensions so it's now slightly shorter and wider than the previous model.

2018 Seat Ibiza interior
Even though the car's now slightly shorter than the previous model, the interior is surprisingly above average by compact standards but one thing you do want to watch out for on range-topping variants is the sat-nav system because the new Ibiza is just one of the many cars that declare war on buttons as well as physical media because with a touch-screen gadget with smartphone connectivity and other stuff in store, speedo boys are not safe from driving it because with this sat-nav, it's irreplaceable for the rest of its life and the trend that speedo boys fear of will keep on going in cars of today and the future.  That's the future, speedo boys, but looking back on the interior, the new Ibiza's a very accommodating hatchback indeed thanks to its class-leading interior dimensions and it's surprisingly spacious indeed because the boot space of 355 litres made it the most spacious in its class. That's about putting the interests of occupants first before everything else, am I right?

2018 Seat Ibiza
Because the new Ibiza is now sitting on the MQB A0 platform, which the next VW Polo will use, the new Ibiza feels as lively and high-spirited as any city car should be. In most variants like the range-topping Xcellence variant, it has a very retrospective experience that keeps the occupants as civilized as a salaryman on high noon, but if you forgo for the FR variant, the one with the sport-tuned suspension, one thing you might want to watch out for its stiffness because even though its dynamics are pretty good on the open roads, its city use is not what you called on the safe zone because this is like staying quiet while letting your grandma experience some Smithsonian thrillers all day, all night. Couldn't bear it but there's another thing you want to watch out on the new Ibiza and that is its upgraded Column Electric Power System with electro-mechanical assistance, which makes steering even more dramatic than it was before.

All of the Ibizas for now are powered by a 1.0L petrol engine with different configurations, with 11PS is the highest output offered. Low-powered engines get a 5-speed manual while high-powered engines, including the sporty FR, get a 6-speed manual gearbox. Of course you can expect more engine choices coming soon to the Ibiza, including ones with the 7-speed DSG on it.

2018 Seat Ibiza

Of course, the new Ibiza won't be a certified city car you can take it downtown without a wide array of safety tech and all of these tech are new to the Ibiza, setting a class apart from the competition. With driver drowsiness detection, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, Stop&Go with ACC and DSG, and the Multi Collision Brake that prevents the case of pile-up crashes on the road, the new Ibiza is well-prepared to take on today's traffic conditions, whatever lay ahead.

The price? The new Ibiza starts at 11,760 Euros plus on-road costs and that makes it one of the healthiest-priced compact hatchbacks on the market today. What impresses the most about the new Ibiza is the sizing, the interior, the tech, and the ride but what not to like about it is when you go for FR, the sporty handling is worth a struggle to accommodate on city roads and the fact that it's now available exclusively as a five-door only, which is better-looking by the way. With the all-new Ibiza, we can expect great things in store for SEAT.

Available colors: Blanco, Azul MediterrĂ¡neo, Gris Pirineos, Negro Midnight, Mystic, Azul Mystery, and Rojo Desire.

Photo: SEAT

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Let's Do The News! (July 22, 2017)

- A group of anti-martial law protesters interrupted the Congress' session at the Batasang Pambansa over alleged human rights violation in Mindanao. About 15 members from the League of Filipino Students and National Union of Students of the Philippines were arrested after releasing banners protesting against Martial Law in Mindanao during a meeting between Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana and Act Partylist Rep. Cong. Antonio Tinio.

- President Rodrigo Duterte says he will never visit the United States, which he called a "lousy" country following remarks by Massachusetts Congressman James McGovern, who told a hearing of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission that he would protest against such a visit if U.S. President Donald Trump followed through on an invitation to the firebrand Philippine leader.

- The low pressure area has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility as Tropical Depression Fabian. It was last spotted 110 km south of southwest of Basco, Batanes.

- White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced that he will step down from his position after six months. Following his resignation, US President Donald Trump named Anthony Scaramucci, his longtime supporter and Wall Street financier, as the White House communications director - an appointment Spicer vehemently opposed. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Spicer's deputy, will take over as White House press secretary amid a chaotic West Wing shakeup of communication and legal staff.

- Fresh from Sand Diego Comic Con, here's what you can expect in the upcoming Nickelodeon TV special, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.


- Disney announced during the SDCC that the special Milo Murphy's Law episode pays tribute to Phineas and Ferb with a special crossover coming this 2018.

-  There was once a level that didn't make the cut in the original Crash Bandicoot for being too difficult. It's called Stormy Ascent and you can now play the never-before released level in the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy on the PS4 as a DLC! Are you prepared for the worst?


Forza Horizon 3: Prowling

Forza Horizon 3 isn't more than just sampling the best cars of your choosing, it's about living with the cars from the times you emerged with and if you were kids of the late 90's, you are familiar with America's modern take of the hot rod, the Prowler.

This is Plymouth's preparation for the 21st century of automobile and while it draws inspiration from past hotrods, it features a bespoke body featuring an aluminum space frame because none of their existing materials from their existing lineup would work in the creation of this unique but short-lived roadster. The Prowler I had is an improved version of its 3.5L V6 engine producing 253HP of power while mated to a dismal 4-speed automatic gearbox that doesn't match the performance of European sportscars it faces.

Despite being Plymouth's flagship sports car, the Plymouth brand was discontinued from 2001 and it was sold as a Chrysler Prowler thereafter until the Prowler's production discontinued a year after, with a final limited edition model of 300 cars painted in special Candy Deep Red body color.

The Prowler may be a disaster for Chrysler despite having sealed in a mausoleum as a time capsule somewhere for marketing reasons and the driving feel doesn't match the dynamics of its European opposition but for the sake of nostalgia, there are limitless possibilities of reminiscing the good old days of your youth while driving the Prowler. It may not be enough to create some audience impact when you drive it but when it comes to creativity and originality, you got to hand it over to the guys behind the Prowler and despite being short-lived and being the rarest cars in American roads, it's still a beauty to behold.

While I'm still on my break after all the Horizon Australia glitz and glamour I gave for the cars I've encountered throughout this epic journey, I took the unsung American hero to a night stroll with the kids on the block, giving me the ideal moment to understand how a Prowler shows its first impression.

It may not be a first impression as I hoped for but like a Pink Floyd gig, the Prowler is all about wowing the crowd with its originality that sets the cars apart and it doesn't matter if this car wasn't made to tackle against Europe's finest because even if it's no good, the Prowler still wows the hearts of drivers with its unique impression that has the wink and smile of Charles Bronson on a diner break.

Bubble Gang - July 21, 2017 #BGJokeZerious

In the July 21, 2017 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Kahilingan gags

- An interview with a former comedian

- Force of habit

- Girls talking about painful experiences

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Ano Pa Ang Inyong Aasahan, Kundi Ang Kwentong Merong Kantahan, Ang Kanta May Kasamang...KWENTUHAN?!

- Today's Patikim Ni Kim recipe is Tahong

- Today's Balitang Ina welcomes Batang Ina

- Accident-prone insurance agents in the meeting

- Basa-basa pik

Friday, July 21, 2017

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

It's been ten years has passed since the blokes behind hit games like Yo-Kai Watch and Inazuma Eleven introduced us the mystery-solving adventures of Professor Layton and now, the legacy of Layton lives on in the eyes of his daughter named Katrielle Layton, starring in her maiden adventure in the heart of modern-day London in search for her father's whereabouts while solving cases that will lead her to The Millionaires' Conspiracy.

Layton's Mystery Journey:
Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

Yes, the mystery-solving Layton franchise is now on its 10th anniversary since its 2007 release in the Nintendo DS and while this is more than just a birthday present to the much-loved mystery-solving franchise, the introduction of Katrielle Layton, the daughter of Professor Hershel Layton, needs no introduction aside from being the new protagonist of this franchise that will pick up where her father left off; that involves solving cases. Featuring a star-studded cast that lend their voices to new characters as well as the theme song by Kana Nishino, this is Layton at its finest.

From her talking dog pal, an unrequited suitor, and new and returning cast of characters waiting in the sidelines, every mystery is a moment for Kat and evoking the spirit of the Layton franchise, players will immerse themselves through series of puzzling challenges that will test their intelligence while venturing through the city of London in search for clues that will lead her to the truth she's been longing for. As you progress further, you can personalize Kat's outfits as well as her own room, giving you individuality to play Layton's Mystery Journey your way.

If you are a longtime fan of the Layton franchise, you should give this new installment a try. Even though the main character is now a female, the Layton bloodline lives on as with every puzzle, every challenge, and every clue you encounter, needless to say that this should be the most exquisite Layton game to date and what a way to celebrate 10 years of the Layton franchise with the arrival of Professor Layton's daughter, Katrielle, and her maiden voyage as a budding detective who solves mysteries in style.

Props to Level 5 for this new installment and with Katrielle Layton, looks like the immediate future of the franchise is very bright indeed and very stylish. This game is now available on the Nintendo 3DS or via download on the App Store and Google Play.

Let's Do The News! (July 20, 2017)

- 78 individuals were arrested by the police during the anti-criminality operation in Quiapo, Manila yesterday. Manila Police District Director Chief Supt. Joel Coronel said that 21 of the arrested are facing charges related to illegal drugs.

- Government troops killed one of the members of the New People's Army behind the ambush against the Presidential Security group in Arakan, North Cotabato.

- The Minneapolis police chief said the fatal shooting of an unarmed Australian woman by a junior police officer violated department training and procedures, and that the victim “didn’t have to die.” The death of Justine Damond from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen fired through an open window of a police patrol car, has outraged her relatives and the Australian public. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called it "shocking" and "inexplicable".

- Despite their failed attempts to get their GOP healthcare bill through the Senate, Republicans are desperate to revive their collapsed bill before they go back home to their districts in August. Majority Leader McConnell promised a repeal-only vote early next week without a replacement in sight. And Donald Trump just had 49 of the 52 Republican senators over the White House on Wednesday to convince them to go for it one last time. The vote had already been delayed because of John McCain's absence, who had an operation to remove a blood clot on Friday.

- Most Venezuelan streets were barricaded and deserted for a strike called by foes of President Nicolas Maduro to demand elections and the scrapping of plans for a new congress they fear would consolidate dictatorship in the OPEC country.

- Good news to hardcore PokeMon GO players everywhere; the long awaited Legendary Pokemon are arriving soon and in the upcoming PokeMon GO Fest in Grant Park, Chicago, if trainers globally manage to get enough PokeMon during the PokeMon GO Fest Challenge Windows, the first Legendary Pokemon will be out in Grant Park and if they succeed in defeating one, it will appear in Raid Battles globally on July 23rd (July 24th Tokyo time).

- Lotus unveiled their most powerful car yet, the Evora GT430 and apart from some aerodynamic upgrades to the Evora, the 3.5L supercharged V6 has been recalibrated to release 430HP of power output and 325lb-ft of torque, while mated to a 6-speed gearbox, resulting to a 0-60mph time of 3.7 seconds and 190mph of top speed.

- The 11th addition to Phat!'s THE IDOLM@STER anime DVD/Blu-ray cover figure lineup, Chihaya Kisaragi, has been unveiled. This figure's available to order starting at 11,000 Yen plus tax and delivery and arrives this March.

- Check out what's in store for the upcoming Nickelodeon TV special, Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, as seen in the recent San Diego Comic Con trailer.

- Linkin Park's vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Thursday. He was 41 years old. According to authorities, Chester hanged himself to death. Mike Shinoda, one of Linkin Park's members, expressed sympathy over Bennington's death.


Kia Sorento (UM) - 2018 Minor Change

It's been three years since the third-generation Kia Sorento went on sale and the South Korean carmaker launched a minor change for the current-generation model. Needless to say about the recent minor change, Kia promises to be an even better Sorento than it was last time with the added tech and style it deserves from one of Kia's most well-respected SUVs in the lineup.

2018 Kia Sorento
2018 Kia Sorento

For the 2018 minor change, the Sorento has received full LED headlamps, new grille design, new front bumper design, new rear design, and pretty much it. On the inside, there are some changes occurred such as a newly designed heated steering wheel, available T-Link connectivity with smartphone compatibility heated/ventilated tan leather seats on range-topping models, wireless charging, powered tailgate, new electric extendable base on the front seats, and so much more.  Of course, even with new features, it still has a choice of either a five-seater or a seven-seater if you have kids.

2018 Kia Sorento interior
2018 Kia Sorento interior

Engine choices are the same as last time such as a 2.0 litre diesel (186 PS/402 Nm), 2.2 litre diesel (202 PS/441 Nm) and a 2.0 T-GDI petrol unit with 240 PS/353 Nm, but all are now mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox and rack-driven electric power steering known as R-MDPS, a first for a Korean car, which results to a slightly improved dynamics compared to the pre-facelift model and thanks to health and safety, the 2018MY Sorento now comes a host of safety tech such as Lane Keeping Assist, Back Side Collision Warning, Front collision avoidance+, Smart Cruise Control, Driver Attention Warning, new Dynamic Bending Lights, and a brand new Around View Monitor. It's everything you need for a crossover fit enough to take the whole family on medical appointments, food trips, mall trips, and so much more that makes the facelifted Sorento worthy to satisfy every families' demands for a safe and enjoyable crossover for day-to-day use.

The 2018MY Sorento starts at 27,850,000 KRW (around $28,000) and comes with Kia's 3 year warranty. With new LED headlamps, R-MPDS, 8-speed automatic, and new features, rest assured that the facelifted model is trying to keep up with the high demand for safe and enjoyable crossovers like the one I know who used to have one.

Available Colors: Snow White Pearl, Silky Silver, Platinum Graphite, Aurora Black Pearl, Gravity Blue, and Rich Espresso.

Photo: Kia Motors

Splatoon 2

Nintendo's hit third-person ink-shooting game that splattered the globe is back and this time, even more inkier than before as Splatoon 2, the sequel to the hit 2015 game, has inked its way to the brand-new Nintendo Switch, featuring new ways to enjoy painting the town green or pink, whatever it takes to dominate new game modes you and your mates will love.

Splatoon 2

Fans from around the globe who played the original Splatoon were impressed in this new kind of third-person combat where it is inked or be inked by all means necessary and with the arrival of the new Nintendo Switch, it might be the ideal time to introduce our squid mates the long-awaited sequel to their favorite game and between you, me, and the next guy who keeps on blabbering about being excited for this, we can't hardly wait to dive into this new kind of ink warfare.

Like the original, Splatoon 2 is all about #SquadGoals because the classic Turf War we love still remains and the winning team is whoever inked the most to the battlefield. In Splatoon 2, there are new maps to master the art of Turf War by any means necessary in new and exciting game modes that will test you and your mates' inkling skills. Whether if you're taking on Splat Zones, Tower Control, or gunning for the Rainmaker to dominate the battlefield, every kind of Turf War is special in every single way and in the case of entering those super-cool and super-extreme Turf Wars called Splatfests, you have more ways to challenge yourself in Splatoon 2.

Of course, before you get yourself ready for the Turf War, you need to be familiarize on how this game works in an intense solo-player adventure, where you will infiltrate the dreaded Octo Canyon and defeat nefarious foes on your quest to save The Great Zapfish or better yet work your way through Octo Canyon's secrets to find a mysterious Squid girl named Callie. Where's Callie? Only you will find out the answer to this question.

When you had enough of those Turf War shenanigans but you want more fun for you and your mates, Splatoon 2 introduces Salmon Run, where two to four players must team up to collect Golden Eggs while fend off waves of Salmonids by any means necessary. The tougher the challenges, the better the rewards so feel free to reap the benefits after you and your pals done your dirtiest jobs ever experienced.

As a Switch game, you are free to play Splatoon 2 anywhere you want, whether at home, at work during noon breaks, or at someone else's house. You can even play with your mates either ad-hoc or infrastructure (given that you have to use its online features at no cost before Nintendo's paid service kicks in next year) so you can experience the full Splatoon experience. 

So, there you have it, with new and exciting ways to ink the competition, the sequel to the hit Splatoon game is more than just being a sequel to the highly successful game, it's a phenomenon that will leave a big colorful mark to the gaming world and whether if you're playing for fun or playing for real, there's so much ways and means to love Splatoon 2 on the new Nintendo Switch and that's best topping on a cake or an ice cream we can splat on our faces.

If you haven't got your Nintendo Switch, now's the right tine to join the fun with the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 set, now available for 35,960 Yen plus tax and add some fun with the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 edition, two special Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases themed after this game, and three new amiibo figures that will be proven useful on your Splatoon 2 experience.

Let the splatfest begin!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Let's Do The News! (July 20, 2017)


- The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board accused operators of Grab and Uber of being "ningas kugon" regarding the agency's requirements for their operations. The agency's being showered with complaints due to their crackdown of Grab and Uber vehicles without franchise and provisional authority.

- The Armed Forces of the Philippines is wary on the real reason amid the New People's Army move to boost their attack against the government troops. The military wonders why the rebels continue to attack the government amid the on-going Marawi Siege in Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur.  They should have remained silent or show support to the government.

- The US House of Representative's Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission will be investigating alleged human rights violations related to President Duterte's bloody campaign against drugs.

- Meanwhile, President Duterte named 20 new government officials, including a former congressman, to key posts in his administration. He also appointed a comedian named "Bogart the Explorer" as a member of the MTRCB.

- According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, about 12% of people from key Trump counties support the GOP healthcare efforts.

- Arizona Republican Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

- Axeheads and grinding stones found in a cave from Australia's Northern Territory suggest humans arrived on the continent about 65,000 years ago, or 18,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to research published on Thursday.

- Turkish PM Binali Yildirim warned Cyprus its moves to explore for energy around the eastern Mediterranean were “untimely and dangerous”, adding that Ankara would continue to protect the rights and interests of Turkish Cypriots.

- Opel/Vauxhall's new Insignia has gained a new sporty GSi variant with a 2.0L turbo engine producing 260HP of power and Torque Vectoring 4WD.

- Also, the new Buick Regal Sportback gained a new GS variant with a more powerful 3.6L V6 and AWD with active twin clutch.

- The next-generation Nissan LEAF will introduce a brand new e-Pedal which combines the use of an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal, all in one special pedal made for the new model. Users can even turn it on or off as well.

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